Things We Love About the North…
Old Town & Houseboat Bay

There is much to love about the north and we’ll be highlighting some of our favourites as we count down the days to ShowCanada…


The quirky mash-up of log cabins, mansions, houseboats, float planes, galleries, restaurants, monuments and more make up the area known as Yellowknife’s “old town”. This is also where you will find Bush Pilot’s Monument – Yellowknife’s popular lookout which provides a stunning view over Great Slave Lake and Back Bay. The monument is dedicated to the bush pilots and engineers whose lives were lost navigating the skies of the Northwest Territories.

The iconic houseboats on Great Slave Lake make up a colourful Yellowknife “neighbourhood”. There’s even a floating café and a houseboat bed-and-breakfast!

The Northwest Territories is rich in culture, history and beauty. Learn more here: